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In cooperation with our clients we design individualised concepts, in view of cost effective storage, a smooth flow of data and information, as well as a very timely distribution of goods.

We are already active in the segments textiles, promotion gifts, carpets and household items, supporting the suppliers of large discounters by managing the entire handling and distribution process.

The following list provides an overview of our service portfolio, which the customer can expand based on his individual requirements :

  • Container de-stuffing
  • Container loading
  • Storage of pallets, crates, cartons, containers and small items
  • Block, shelf and high rack storage
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Customs authorities accredited recipient
  • Sorting and palletising
  • Product range selection
  • Labelling
  • Marking with price tags and price labels
  • Production and application of labels, tags and barcodes
  • commissioning and packaging
  • Parcel dispatch per courier

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